Attachment Program Update!

by Amanda Granger

These past seven months have definitely been exciting for the girls in our Attachment Program! We’ve seen how empowering our girls has had an incredible impact on the way they approach their passions, believing anything is possible!

By combining our girls’ individual passions, diligence, hard work and willingness to learn, with an appropriate position for attachment we have seen our girls grow beyond all expectations! Many of the girls who currently have attachments in the local community began exploring their passions in the Skills Training sessions of the Vocational Training Program.

Fossil Nosh - Sharon Working Hard!

Fossil Nosh – Sharon Working Hard!

Two of our young ladies participated in the catering sessions of the Skills Training and saw this opportunity expand first to a training course for restaurant staff, and ultimately to the job they currently hold at a café in the Natural History Museum. These two girls have been a shining example of a successful attachment and have been thriving through this job that they really love! (left) Sharon at Fossil Nosh Café.

More recently, two more girls have been pushing their passion for

Our Hairdressers!!

Our Hairdressers!!

hairdressing further by gaining attachment in a local salon for the next three months. It’s amazing to see these girls approach their dreams as reachable goals rather than achievable ideas. These young women are walking taller, with a purpose for each day and excited for the learning opportunities that lie ahead. Sibusiwe and Patience are pictured below at their attachment at Fingers Hair Salon.

Adding to the excitement from the attachments at Fossil Nosh and Fingers hair salon, four girls are participating in a three-year beauty-therapy course at the Haven. Sasha and Natasha joined Linda and Evelyn in early January to begin their training.

Haven Spa - Beauty Therapists!

                                             Haven Spa – Beauty Therapists!

Our SJC staff couldn’t be more proud of these lovely ladies! They show us each day their commitment to the work they are doing and the experience they gain to help their future endeavors.

Thank you for all of the support and prayers you all have shown to our girls in the attachment program and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of our local businesses who have supported us by taking on our girls for attachment!

Melanie Friend- Owner of 26 on Park, Fossil Nosh, and Nosh Café

Jonine and Sam Dube- Owners of the Haven

Sara Mpofu- Owner of Fingers Hair Salon

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