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schools-outAll has been a bit still and calm here at the Centre over the past few weeks.  Debbie is away on her much needed break with her family in Australia, various staff members on having time off and then we had a great, long Easter Weekend. We’ve been running through our 6 week Vocational Training Program with our new girls.  We’ve had Micki on the case of finding us a new truck.  Which has thrown up a few leads but none that have been “The One!” just yet.  We are continuing to pray! So we are continuing our day to day lives at the Centre till the school term starts back on the 9th May.

Jacqui Martin

   Jacqui Martin (Jacs)

This blog, we want to share a little of one of our ministries which sounds small to some people but has a huge impact in the lives of our children and Centre. This ministry is none other than our Child Sponsorship.  Allow me to introduce the amazing lady behind the Sponsorship side of the Centre, Jacques Martin.

Jac’s is such a dedicated and hard working lady who is the one behind all the communication between sponsors and children.

Our sponsorship program is a vital life line to the welfare of the children both Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

IMG_2275Physically – with the money given towards each child through their sponsor, we are able to help with medical bills if
the need arises.



Mentally – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Such true words IMG_2288
spoken none other than by Nelson Mandela. This could not be more true for our children.  Most of the girls and children in our care come from a sever poor background where they have had little or no education.  We feel that every child that passes through our doors deserves a chance at some form of education.  Through sponsoring a child, this is made possible by either paying some of their school fees or items needed for school (books, stationery etc).

Emotionally – Through sponsoring a child, a relationship is formed between the sponsor IMG_2304and the child.  Many of our children come to call their sponsors “Mom and Dad” or “Aunty and Uncle”. This helps give them a sense of being loved and an identity in knowing that someone is caring specifically for them. This is encouraged and developed through communication e.g email, letter writing and even pre-arranged Skype/facetime calls.

Spiritually – Through sponsoring a child, we encourage the sponsor to pray for their child. IMG_2273Speak into their lives about who God is to them. Therefore helping them to develop in their walk with the Lord and on His path he has set out before them (despite the fact someone “tried” to mess it up)!

Through sponsoring a child, you are not just giving money to a child, you are investing in their future.  Their future career; their future image of themselves; their future values and morals.  You are helping to input into a child’s life the important holistic upbringing and love they have lacked before.

If this has impacted you in anyway, and you wish to sponsor one of our child, we greatly appeal to you to get in contact with Jacqui (  She will be able to give you all the information you need to know and more importantly, she will be able to connect you with your child who so desperately needs your help and love.


Sponsoring a child costs as little as $45 (US) per month.  This is however a guide as to the basic needs of the children.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  We truly appreciate your interest and support in all we do here at the Sandra Jones Centre.


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