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Happy New year all and what a new year we have begun with! The Christmas season was great for all the staff and children here at the Sandra Jones Center.  All this would not have been possible without you all and to everyone who kindly contributed towards the smiles on these kids faces, THANK YOU!!

2017 has started with a great big Confetti bang!  Wow, so much has happened in just a few weeks.  But to keep you wanting to know more, we will be posting all the exciting news over the next few weeks. So watch this space.

To start the year off, excitement was all over the Centre as we started our new pre-school / Infant school. Oh, and how cute they all looked in their uniforms but don’t just take our word for it, check out our littlies stealing the show.

IMG_9902 IMG_9895 IMG_9899

The first day of school was complete chaos with trying to organise the children into their classes, issuing them their books and stationery and then we realized, the kids had sweet uniforms but NO SHOES!! So after a mad dash to town, we were able to put school shoes on each of our kids.

This school wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our 2 new teachers who have worked non stop on preparing for this year.  Allow us to introduce our wonderful teachers.IMG_9894










Carol Smith

    Carol Smith

Carol Smith came to us when she moved back to Zimbabwe after 10 years in South Africa.  Before going to South Africa, she was a teacher at two of the top primary schools (Petra and Whitestone) in the country for many years. She felt it heavy on her heart to join the team at the Sandra Jones Centre to help with remedial.  We saw an amazing difference in our kids academic abilities as well as their confidence.



Pathi Moyo

Pathi Moyo

Many people say they can’t keep away from the centre, as we have proof of this.  Our other teacher is Pathi Moyo who use to be our resident teacher whilst working at Waterford Primary School a few years ago but has now returned to work alongside Carol in our Pre-school / Infant School.  What a team these two make and over the past 2 weeks we have seen such a difference in our kids and its great to have them under the same room so we can see their day to day activities and join in their fun and laughter at times.

IMG_9872 (1) IMG_9872

Please pray as the school continues to move forward, especially  for the kids to continue to grow in their love for the Lord, in their knowledge and character.  Please may you also keep our hard working staff and teachers in your prayers.

IMG_9897 IMG_9891 IMG_9893


Next week….. A New Addition!! goz-kirpan-smiley_785429


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