Hot Summer Days!

swimming-collagePhew, it has been scorching hot here in Zim the past few weeks. One of the greatest blessings we have with gaining the hotel as our home, is we have a swimming pool which the kids not only can learn a great life saving skill, they also have the opportunity of cooling down in this heat. After many many months of trying to fix the pool and get the water right (very time consuming and very expensive her in Zim), we have finally been able to take the cover off and let the kids go wild. I’m gonna let the pictures and short time-lapse video of the fun the kids have been having.


Falcon College surprised us with such a lovely visit last week.  They blessed us with food, gifts and their amazingly img_9471 img_9472 talented voices.  Wow, what an afternoon!!  Then to thank the boys of Falcon, our girls broke out into song using their beautiful voices and completely wowed the boys who couldn’t believe their voices. For those of you who don’t know, Falcon College is a private boarding school in Zimbabwe who develop well-mannered, up-standing young men and also have one of the top choirs in Zimbabwe.

Reports were brought home with the kids last Thursday and wow, are we proud mom’s.  So many of them have truly excelled over the year and we can’t be prouder of each of them.  Well done to all!

New Uniforms –  We have decided to revive our pre-school at the center to help give the one-on-one attention each of children need in their early years.  This will be headed up by our newest member of staff, Carol. There is not much news to share at this point in time, but watch this space.  However, we can give you all a sneek peek at the cuteness we are going to be having when they start in January 2017. Let us leave you with this cute picture to cheer you up on a Monday morning! :-)pre-school-uniform



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  1. Cathy says:

    So great to see the kids enjoying themselves!

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