Our Work

Our Work

We work in conjunction with The Fruitful Harvest Ministry, a partnering ministry to The Sandra Jones Centre as well as with Harvest Family Village.

Their goal is to work in conjunction with these two ministries in order to make them 60% sustainable through various projects. Raising children costs money, lots of money, as many of you may know!

Through Fruitful Harvest we hope to alleviate some of that burden for the children by:

  • Gardening / Vegetable Gardens
  • Culinary skills
  • Raising small farm animals e.g Chickens, Rabbits, Fish etc.
  • Apprenticeships and Certificates
  • Accounting and budget keeping

To make it simple we like to say:

“Selling Zimbabwean products to Zimbabweans to benefit Zimbabwean children…”

Some of the products produced through Fruitful Harvest are as follows:

Chicken Project
At the back of our property we have 9 chicken houses, which currently are houses 1025 chickens at a time. These chickens are part of an ongoing project which was developed in 2013. We started with 100 chickens and have slowly progressed to the amount we have now. We do have plans to continue extending our Chicken Project due to the success of it over the past year.

The idea of our Chicken project is to help self-sustain us through feeding our children and selling to the wider community to generate an income towards paying off the Building. Approximately 100 chickens per batch that are processed will be cooked and served as part the children’s meals, while the remaining will be sold at $3.50/kg, or $3.20/kg when purchasing in bulk.

The success of this project has been truly amazing. Our chicks gain weight at a rate slightly higher than expected, and so we are able to process them after only 5 weeks of fattening.

Watch this space for our every growing Chicken Project!

Rabbit Project
Alongside our Chicken Project we have our Rabbit Project which has been going for about 2 years now. As rabbit is a high source of Protein, we felt it a great way to help boost our children’s diet. We started with 4 female rabbits and 2 male rabbits and over the past 2 years, we have processed 1500 rabbits. These are part of our children’s weekly dietary meals as well as selling once again to the local community. Our rabbits are normally sold for $3.50/kg, with each rabbit weighing about 1.5kg.

Vegetable Garden’s
We have been working on our vegetable garden over the past year which has gradually expanded to 36 beds, with a new round of seedlings that has just been planted at the beginning of 2015.

All produce from the garden goes to go to supplying the Sandra Jones Centre kitchen and supplementing our rabbits’ diets slightly. About a quarter of the kitchen’s vegetable needs are covered by produce from our very own garden to which our Training Centre Girls proudly tend to. Chomoilia (A popular Zimbabwean vegetable which is best described as green leaves) has been the most successful and most popular produce from the garden among the SJC kids.

Many of the plants we grow include Chomoilia, Beetroot, Carrots, Spinach, Watermelon, Onions, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Green Beans and Butternut.

The Orchard
We have a small orchard with fruit trees which has been progressing very slowly. However, at the end of November 2014, we had two local companies who donated and aided in the planting of 100 more fruit trees. The produce from this project will not be immediately available, but we anticipate long-term payoffs especially being able to provide our children with fresh juicy fruit on a regular basis.

Vocational Training Centre

We are incredibly conscious that orphaned or abandoned children often have very little access to education. This can be due to the inability to afford school fees, the lack of good schools close by, or because of socio-cultural attitudes relating to girls being kept back for domestic help. As a result of this lack of education – especially for girls – the official unemployment rate stands at around 95%. As such, one of our key concerns is the education of our children. We are able to send most of our children to school, but there are some for whom mainstream school is a daunting prospect. This can either be because they are still timid of society in general, or because they have never had formal schooling, and it is unfair to ask a 16 year old to join a Grade 1 class!

Therefore, in 2013 Sandra Jones Centre alongside Fruitful Harvest Ministries, developed a Vocational Training Program for girls in order to assess and determine their aptitude for skills that can be used in the ongoing growth and development of the Centre’s programs. Specific skill areas include:

  • Farming/agriculture
  • Animal management (Chicken rearing, Rabbit Farming)
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Product packaging
  • Farm management (running the farm, budgets, purchasing, HR)
  • Sales, marketing, retail, point-of-sale
  • Accounting

The successful development of this program represents a “win-win” through:

  • Achieving our objective of equipping girls to enter adult life with marketable skills, confidence and improved employment prospects.
  • Providing self-sustainability and growth for our programs which in turn provides self-sustainability and growth for Fruitful Harvest and the Sandra Jones Centre.

Kidz Kan

Sexual Abuse prevention Schools program.

Abuse is a scary thing and because it’s a scary thing a lot of people try to ignore it, or pretend it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately it does, even though we wish it didn’t.

But guess what…

There are things that you can do to keep yourself from being touched in the wrong way. And we at Kidz Kan want to make sure that you know all about them. That’s because we believe that Kids can be safe, and kids can say NO to someone who is trying to touch them in the wrong way. We hope that you feel the same way.

Some of the stuff we’ll talk about might be embarrassing. Some might be frightening. Sometimes you might feel like giggling – That’s OK! Sometimes you might feel like crying – That’s OK too! Whatever you may feel, please remember that what we are telling you is VERY VERY important. If you work really hard and learn it, you can help to protect yourself, your friends and even your little brother and sisters, and that’s what we want for you to be safe.

Please contact us here for more information about our work or click here to donate.