Promotion of some of our 2018 Calendars!

The importance of education cannot be overstated. To the girl child in the developing world, it is the key to overcoming barriers; it shapes sense of identity, gives hope for the future, and fights gender inequality. With the current cash crisis in Zimbabwe, Sandra Jones Centre has become creative in efforts to support children’s education. To send Sandra Jones Centre children to school, the minimum estimated tuition cost for 2018 is $4,779 USD.picture 1

So, here comes the creative aspect. SJC is making calendars to (1) cover the cost of tuition of SJC children, (2) bring awareness to the reality that basic education is not always financially feasible in third world countries, and (3) to advocate for the rights of the Zimbabwean girl child.

Thanks to the discount from, this project has become possible. Other affordable products can be found at

Donate and receive a calendar(s) featuring drawings of those you are supporting!

Suggested donation of $20 per calendar.

“Save the life of a child today and change the world of tomorrow.” –Sandra Jones

For inquires and to pre-order yours:

USA or Canadian Calendars please email

Australian, UK and Zimbabwean Calendars please email

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