Sponsor a Child

We are always looking for people or families to come alongside one of our children and become a “Mom”, a “Dad”, “Brother”, “Sister”, “Granny” or “Granddad”. Many of these children don’t have those, so to have a family in yourself is a life changing opportunity!

It costs approximately USD $50 per month to feed and educate a child at the Centre. Sponsorship is an opportunity for people just like you to support a child and help to meet the costs of caring for them.

There are a number of benefits to child sponsorship:

  • It is regular monthly funding that the SJC can rely on to ensure that the needs of the kids are met, and
  • It is an opportunity for you to let a child know that they are part of your family, so you then have the opportunity to write to them, send them gifts, etc.

Please contact us here for more information about this great opportunity or click here to donate.