Success Stories

Cynthia’s story I am not here to entertain but to fulfill my wish to change people’s lives.

2 years back I was not who I am now. Something happened in my life which some would find hard to believe. My own dear paternal uncle broke my heart by sexually and physically abusing me. I couldn’t stand it on my own. My life seemed to be hopeless, everything was futureless because at that time I didn’t know God. I was just a breathing human being.

My maternal grandmother was hurting for me in a way that I could not explain, but I felt it. She moved with me from here to there, trying to look for a better place for me to stay and finish my studies.

Then one day she heard about this place called The Sandra Jones Children’s Village where I first met Aunt Tina and told her my story. Aunt Tina introduced me to Aunt Jester, who I give all my thanks to, because she introduced me to the Word of God. God entered my life and I am completely changed.

Whatever happened in my life, it was God who was leading and He gave the people around me wisdom and love. I began to notice that God had a purpose for what happened in my life and it was not painful anymore…but a gain. I am loved and have a family that loves and cares for each other.

Today I want to open my mouth and heart and say that my story brings a smile to God’s face. I want to give my life as a living sacrifice so that I may do his work.

David’s story My father died not long before I was born. He had suffered from HIV/AIDS. My mother was very sick too. As my father could not work there was no money to buy medicine.

Our village is very dry because of the long drought and it was hard to grow any food to eat. My mother was very weak when it came time for me to be born. She died very soon after giving birth to me. My only living relative was my Grandfather. He was very old and had no experience raising a baby. He had been a village farmer… but the community’s gardens had withered and, to make matters worse…there was no money to buy fresh seed or fertiliser. So, with no fresh food, we were both starving.

A kind lady who visited our village, saw me… She was concerned enough to call Social Welfare. They, in turn called YFC Zimbabwe’s director at the time, Miss Debbie, to send her team to come to our village and check me out. They hurried, with a policeman, to talk to my Grandpa about my health and well being. When they saw me, they were very surprised… and concerned!!! They rushed me to a clinic and the doctor there was concerned that I might not last the night. He checked me over and cleaned me up. They started me on Formula 101 high-protein food supplement which the staff fed to me through a dropper all night and they PRAYED!!!

After 2 days of intensive care, it appeared that I was showing signs of recovery. Prayer and practical medicine prevailed but there were still many days and nights of feeding and nurturing before there was any certainty about my future.

They called me the “miracle boy” and named me “David” after the warrior and shepherd-king in the Bible. But I still had some giants to face first – possible HIV, TB, brain damage to name a few…

But slowly I filled out and with a mixture of loving care, prayer and good food, I was abounding at 6 months! By the time I reached my 1st birthday I was looking handsome! At sixteen months I was standing on my own.

They say I am a living example of God’s miraculous healing power.